In this interconnected digital era, with it’s ever changing landscape of organisations and structures, it is not hard to miss their true foundation: humans working together.

Then why not take that as a starting point, and invest in it? When that foundation is optimized for empowerment at the personal, team- and organisational level, any functional layer on top of that will not only thrive, but will be seen as an example.

When you take into account the most basic aspects of people -their fears, passions, strengths, weaknesses, personality types and baggage- you can design moments in time, where these aspects are fused into guided group dynamics, to work for the whole.

Imagine a host that takes you in, is interested in you as a person and in the group as a whole, who makes everybody feel safe and equal. Who is there to guide you through a specially designed timeboxed program, without interfering with it’s contents, to allow for what needs to emerge.

We have experienced the awaking potential in groups guided with these empowering principals. We have also seen the sparkling enthusiasm that just needs to be shared by it’s members, simply because people feel reborn in their purpose, and want their peers to discover the same.
This is when the world starts to see change, when we know we contribute. Not only to the organization we are part of, but to the whole of our ecosystem. Because we are human beings. So let’s learn to host each other.