Maurice Faber

Maurice (1971) is a creative, analytical, and philosophical being, who came to the conclusion that life is more fun with brave, openminded, and passionate people.

Coming from a background in computing, and raised in a technocratic world, he is geared towards a structural approach. At the same time he is much affected by the loving ways of his mother, who taught him compassion, respect, and trust.

He has come to realize that human beings hold within them the conditions necessary to connect to one another, and to the world we live in. To allow ourselves to bring out the best in each other, and enjoy life together. Instead of solely relying on himself, he has come to rely on the people around him, and their need to help others and have fun together.

Maurice lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and can be found in many places. Be it the Cult Dealer, the Utrecht based community that is his creative home. Or with friends from De Universiteit (which pretentiously translates to “The” University), the learning community where Hosted Beings was conceived.

He likes to inspire and empower people, making them aware of the vast potential of self growth and peer learning, bypassing the old master-student paradigm. When he deems it valuable to the world, he shares his experiences here: Maurice Faber’s personal blog.