What we do

We train organizations in the Art of Hosting, to focus on conversations that matter, no matter what scale. By giving them the right tools to host any conversation efficiently, towards a shared outcome carried by its participants.

Since we acknowledge that most organizations don’t necessarily have the right conditions in place to accept help from outsiders (us), we have designed a stepping stone approach to overcome such obstacles.

First we offer to host any one of your upcoming meetings, chosen by you, to allow us to demonstrate the effect of hosting. Our presence will not limit the outcome of the meeting, but instead will enhance it.
You just give us a time and place, the purpose of the meeting, and we will come in and deliver our standard approach. We predict a measurable improvement in collaboration and self empowerment in your workforce, which will be seen and felt by all participants.

If you are then still interested in our approach, we can offer a series of workshops to transfer this experience to your organization. We will try to make ourselves obsolete as soon as possible, trusting you will carry these new found insights and practices yourselves.